Cast & Crew

Vampires in Virginia has wrapped.
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JoAnn Abbott: Makeup/Hair/FX Makeup
Tiffany Armstrong: Blood Sister #4 / Additional Sound
Aaron Angus: Bartender
William Barbour: Buffet Feeder #2
Chad Baker: Rejected Guy at Party
Aaron Bevins: Production
Peter Beliaev: Stills/BTS
Diana Blessing: Production
Blair Sutton Art: Wall Art
James Berberich: Production
Scott Carter: Additional AD
Allen Cavedo: Additional Sound
Art Chadwick: Orchids
Pete Chiamardas: Vampire Log Cabin
Frederick Chiriboga: Wall Art
Rob Collins: Additional Camera
Paul D’Elia: Russ
Brian Dettling: Prop Weapons
Aprilann Dias: Blood Buffet Vampire
Christopher Deel: Creepy Guy 1
Vegas Dehorney: Vampire Feeder #1
Dawn Douglas: Vampire Attacker (Orchid Farm)
Kahil Dotay: Peter
Devon Doyle: Vampire Twin #2
Sean Doyle: Vampire Twin #1
James Driver: Production
Frank Fazzio: Camera Operator
Aidan Feore: Bouncer
Cleon Flowers: Uniform Police Officer #1
Lew Fraga: Editor
Jason Furr: Vampire Attacker #2
Sussee Garcia: Makeup/FX Makeup / Transitioning Vampire #1
Jay Gates: Detective Jim
Jasmine Garcia: Suzie
Kevin Grantz (RIP): Vampire Attacker #4
Adam Gray: Production
Nancy Gregory: Vampire Attacker #1
Joseph Huberman: Wall Art
Jennifer Huff: Production Assistant
Tabb Justis: Vampire Attacker (Orchid Farm)
Steve Hurwitz: That Old Man
Kacie Jump: Nurse Jean
Kyle Keith: Prop Assistant
Joseph Kierson: Uniform Police Officer #2
Earl Kirk: Vampire Wrestler #2
Bill Ku: EPK / BTS / Additional Camera
Mark Lambert: VFX Supervisor
Marcus Lawrence: Creepy Guy 2
Anna Lien: Waitress
Chris Lythgoe: Detective 1
Thor Macht (RIP): Cafe Patron #3
Kim Mahan: Vampire Buffet #3
Alie McArdle: Varsha
John Mills: Production / Vampire Attacker (Orchid Farm)
Brenda Moore: Production
Aaron Mott: Detective #2 / Wall Art Coordinator
Jose Luis Munoz: Jake
Bam Margera: Production Consultant
Robert Metzfield: Vampire Lookout
Allie Pettigrew: Vampire Buffet #1
Jim Peterson: Vampire Log Cabin
Arvil Prewitt: Camera/Associate Director
Jonathan P. Ramey: Skinned Vampire
Freddy Ridout: Locations Manager / Vampire X
Tammy Ridout: Set Dressing
Samantha Robinson: Scary Bar Girl
Trent Robinson: Production
Justin Rodriguez: Production
Jansie Rusbasen: Set Dressing
Tim Russ: Production Consultant
Annamarie Rose Ross: Hair
Chasity Sauro: Vampire Buffet #2
Ashley Sanders: Transitioning Vampire #2
Mike D Smith: Production / Camera
Richard Spencer: 1970s Gang Member / Crony #2
Valarie Spencer: Transitioning Vampire #3
Jacalyn Stanley: Wardrobe
Chris Stewart: Red Neck / Production Assistant
Dena Strong: Vampire Buffet #3
Dietrich Teschner Crony #1
Kohlson Thomas: Juvenile Delinquent
Megan Vernon: Party Dancer #1 / Production Assistant
Brian White: Carl
Ron Wilcox: 1970s Gang Member
Roxy Williams: Dr. L
J.M. Whitlock: Uniform Police Officer #3
Colton Woods: Script Assistant
Bryan Woodward: Production
David S. Witt: 1970s Gang Member
Michele Wright: Additional Craft Services

More to come…