Cast & Crew

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This is the draft of the CLOSING credits, subject to change:

First Assistant Directors
Scott Carter   Bilal Z. Raychouni   Bryan Woodward 

Director of Photography
Arvil Prewitt

Camera Operators
Rob Collins   Frank Fazzio   Michael D. Smith

Brittany Jernigan

Production Designer
Freddy Ridout

Costume Designer
Jacalyn E. Stanley

Jacalyn E. Stanley

Wardrobe Assistant
Jeff Supko   Mary Bergman

Makeup & Design
Susee Garcia   Diana Blessing

Special F/X Makeup
JoAnn Abbott   Susee Garcia

Hair Stylist
Annamarie Rose Ross   Angela Suggs

Casting Director
Lynn Charmise, RVAcasting

Casting Assistants
Mike Bawol   Steve Hurwitz   Michele Lombardi
Chris Lythgoe   Leah McNamara   Brenda Moore
Tom Sanchez Prunier   Steve Siegfried   Eva DeVirgilis
Freddy Ridout   Michael Smith   Chris Stewart 

Photo Doubles
Megan Vernon Richard Stewart

Varsha  Herself
Kahil Dotay Peter
Paul Delia Russ
Jay Gates Detective Jim
Jasmine Garcia Suzie
Christopher Deel Creepy Ally Guy 1
Marcus Lawrence Creepy Ally Guy 2
Chris Lythgoe Detective 1
Aaron Mott Detective 2
Cleon Flowers  Uniform Police Officer #1
Joseph Kierson Uniform Police Officer #2
J.M. Whitlock  Uniform Police Officer #3
Jacob Brankley Uniform Police Officer #4
Kohlson Thomas Juvenile Delinquent 1
Kyle Keith Juvenile Delinquent 2
David Leehy Juvenile’s Dad
Leah Gosnell Juvenile’s Mom
Aaron Angus V-Lounge Bartender
Aidan Feore V-Lounge Bouncer
Samantha Robinson V-Lounge Angry Patron
Anna Lien V-Lounge Waitress

1970s Gang Members
Shaun Irving 1970s Gang Member #4
Richard Spencer 1970s Gang Member #3
Ron Wilcox 1970s Gang Member #2
David Witt 1970s Gang Member #1

Log Cabin Party
Robert Metzfield Messenger
Steve Hurwitz That Old Man
Susee Garcia  Transitioning Vampire at Party #1
Vivian Thompson Transitioning Vampire at Party #2
Valarie Spencer Transitioning Vampire at Party #3
Tiffany Armstrong That Old Man Victimizer #1
Anna Lien That Old Man Victimizer #2
Pete Chiamardas Party Attendee #1
Debbie Vincent Party Attendee #2
Jim Peterson Party Attendee #3
Megan Vernon Party Dancer #1
Jamie Smith Party Dancer #2
Chad Baker Rejected Goth Guy
Nancy S. M. Gregory Vampire Attacker #1
Jason Furr Vampire Attacker #2
John Mills Vampire Attacker #3
Tabb Justis Vampire Attacker #4
Dawn Douglas Vampire Attacker #5
Kevin Grantz, RIP Vampire Attacker #6
Stephanie Galloway-Callaham Vampire Defender #1
Devon Doyle Vampire Defender #2
Sean Doyle Vampire Defender #3
Vegas Li Vampire Wrestler #1
Earl Kirk Vampire Wrestler #2
Allie Pettigrew Blood Room Victim #1
Chasity Sauro Blood Room Victim #2
Dena Strong Blood Room Victim #3
Kim Mahan Blood Room Victim #4
William Barbour Blood Room Feeder #1
Vegas Li  Blood Room Feeder #2
April Ann Dais Blood Room Feeder #3

Doctor L’s House
Roxy Williams Dr. L
Kacie Jump Nurse Jean
Jacalyn E. Stanley Dr. L attacker #1
Jason Furr Dr. L attacker #2
Richard Spencer Basement Attacker #1
Dietrich Teschner Basement Attacker #2
Ron Wilcox Shadow Attacker

Farm Hideout

Chris Stewart Red Neck
Jose Luis Munoz Incompetent Jake
Brian White Mean Carl

Car Chase Team
Freddy Ridout   Sharp Shooter
Riva Gijanto-Burris Chaser #1
Edmund L.Weaver Chaser #2
John Mills Chaser #3
Ken Peebles Chaser #4
Michael Patterson Chaser #5

V Lounge Patrons
Therese Silvius   Brittney Mahan   Richard Stewart
Tucker Mahan   Mike Walsh  Steve Siegfried
Kim Mahan   Michael Patterson   Athena LaGatto
John Hopkins   Priscilla Hopkins  

Farmhouse Cafe Patrons
James Silvius   Therese Silvius   John Hopkins
Priscilla Hopkins   Thor Macht, RIP   Jamie Bergman

Emergency Room
Tara Dail   Jan Rusbasan   Ashley Williams
Diana Blessing   Jay Butler   Jessica LaJoie

Warehouse Victims
Jonathan P. Ramey  Skinned Arm Vampire
Brittany Jernigan Dead Brittany
Cara Mia Antoinette Wide Eyed Vampire in Elevator
Karen Moody Dead Vampire against pole
Rory Hendricks Dead Vampire #2

Megan Vernon

Aaron T. Mott

Wall Art
Blair Sutton Art   Frederick Chiriboga   Happy D. Artist
Jacalyn E. Stanley   Joseph Huberman   Nancy S. M. Gregory

Set Dressers
Freddy Ridout   Mike Bawol   Diana Blessing
Nancy S. M. Gregory   Aaron T. Mott   Robert Ridout
Brittany Jernigan   Tammy Ridout
Megan Vernon   Jan Rusbasan
Frederick Chiriboga

Props Master
Freddy Ridout

Props Assistant
Kyle Keith

Script Supervisors
Diana Blessing Colton Woods

Music Supervisor
Kahil Dotay

Post Production Sound
John Morand

Sound Mixer
Allen Cavedo

Assistant Sound
Tiffany Armstrong

Boom Operators
Tiffany Armstrong   Allen Cavedo
Justin Rodriguez   James Driver

Camera Operators
Bill Ku   Mike D. Smith   Frank Fazzio  Rob Collins

1st Assistant Camera
Trent Robinson

2nd Assistant Camera
Aaron Bivins   Justin Rodriguez   Ian Ramprashad

Dolly Grip
Aaron Bivins

Peter Belieav   Nancy S. M. Gregory
Brittany Jernigan   Bill Ku

Kenny Phibbs

Assistant Electrician
Walker George

Rich Bailey John Smith

James Berberich Aaron Bivins James Driver

James Driver

Location Manager
Freddy Ridout

Location Assistants
Jennifer Huff   Jim Jernigan   Megan Vernon

Key Production Assistant
Diana Blessing

Production Assistants
Mike Bawol   Janet Holt   Kacie Jump   John Mills
Jason Reneau   Trent Robinson   Chris Stewart   Jeff Supko
Megan Vernon   Colton Woods   Katie Bennett   Bryan Woodward
Brittany Jernigan   Amy Jernigan

Fight Choreography
Aidan Feore   Marcus Lawrence
Vegas Li   Earl Kirk

Brian Dettling – Stage Armament Solutions

Weapon Assistant
Aidan Feore   John Mills

JoAnn Abbott   Nancy S. M. Gregory

First Aid
Amy Jernigan

Dispatch & Security
Jim Jernigan

Picture Car Mechanic
James Fiden

Production Office Manager
Brenda Moore

Catering Service
Jeff Supko  Nancy Gregory

Craft Service
Michele Wright   Mike Bawol

Post Production Supervisor
Kahil Dotay

Post Production Assistants
Brenda Moore   Freddy Ridout

Lew Fraga

Assistant Editor
Rob Collins

Post Production Sound Service
John Morand

Dialogue Editor
John Morand

Audio Post Facility
Sound of Music Recording Studios

Special Effects
Adam Grey   James Driver   Freddy Ridout

Visual FX Supervisors
Kahil Dotay   Mark Lambert

Lead Visual FX Artist
David Kinsey

Visual FX Artists
Kat Vivaldi   James Drake
Doug Bischoff   Lew Fraga

Visual FX Consultant
David Ariew

Mike Bawol   James Driver   Jim Jernigan
Jim Peterson   Jamie Smith   Megan Vernon

Production Consultant
Tim Russ


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Peter Beliaev   Nancy S. M. Gregory   Bill Ku

Special Blood Orchid bred and provided by
Art Chadwick, Chadwick & Son Orchids, Inc.

Special Thanks for all your support!
Advanced Visual Production
Acclaim Properties, LLC
Adam Gray
Bam Margera
Boat House
Chadwick & Son Orchids, Inc
Art Chadwick & Family
Charles City County, Virginia Planning Department
Matthew D. Rowe, CZA
Chesterfield County Economic Development
Chesterfield County Police Department
Chester Police Precinct
Cindy Hodges
City of Richmond Police Department
City of Richmond Economic Community Development
Jane C. Ferrara, CCIM – Chief Operating Officer
Paul A. McCllellan, Programs Administrator Real Estate Strategies
City of Richmond, Virginia – Allen N. Rothert
City of Richmond, Virginia – Byrd Park & Pump House
City of Richmond, Virginia – Dock Street
Commonwealth of Virginia Film Commission
Commonwealth of Virginia Tourism Commission
Diamond Billiards – Thomas & Laura Dorsey
Edna Boyle-Lewicki
Flynn’s Gourmet Sauces, Mechanicsville, VA
Fraga Studios
Franklin Street Market, Richmond, Virginia
Gary Gauldin
Greens Keeper Lawn & Maintenance, Mechanicsville, VA
Liquid Talent
Lucas Hall
Jerry Williams
Jim & Robin Daniels, Nance-Major House
John & Angela Cabaniss
Kathryn Stephens, RIP
Kevin Grantz, RIP
Krystal Browning Ellenberger
MCV & VCU Hospital
Midlothian Rotary Club
Midlothian Business Alliance
Mott Gallery
MCM Photography Studio, Photographer Melissa Christina Morris
Happy D. Artist
Zoey Belton
Nancy S. McLain Gregory
Joseph Huberman
Blair Sutton
William P. Brown
Powhatan County Chamber of Commerce
Powhatan County Sheriff’s Department
Regency Square Mall
Ricky Rider
Ridout Marketing Associates, Inc.
Southwind Productions & Management
Stefani Zabner
Swood Media
Tio Pablo Taqueria
Tim Russ
Tractor Supply Co., Powhatan, Virginia
Urban Farmhouse Market & Café – Kathleen Richardson
Virginia Production Alliance
Virginia Promotional Products & Sportswear
Virginia Artesian Bottling Company